Partnerschule Litauen

Our Lithuanian partner school – Kauno Santoros Gymnasium

 In the days of physical distancing meeting new people is hard to achieve. However, thanks to digital media, students of our school have been able to establish international connections with young people in Lithuania, Spain and Argentina.

On 25 March 2021, one group of the students of Class 2HLW had an online meeting with our Lithuanian partner school – Santoros Gymnasium in Kauno. In the week before, the Austrian students prepared short fun videos about our school – all by themselves. It was exciting and great fun to see the Lithuanian students as well as their English teacher, Viktorija, for the first time. After short introductions, one of the fun videos (by Alexander, Julian, Maximilian and Yannick) was presented and made the students as well as their teachers smile. One of the Lithuanian students read out an Easter poem, which he had written for us specifically.

All in all, the meeting was a change from everyday routine and a great opportunity for the students in both countries to practise their English. There are plans of an ecological project involving Class 2HLW as well as Viktorija’s class after the spring break.

Mag. Astrid Sperneder